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R.I.P. Dr. Donda West: 1949-2007

November 12, 2007

“…People never get the flowers while they can still smell ’em…”

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Phuque’s “Most Underratedist Producers” List, Pt. 1

November 9, 2007

My Home Away From Home

Since I’m usually making beats and shit like that when I’m not blogging, I figured I’d share my musical opinion with ya’ll….

When I say “Most Underratedist”, I mean the cats that bring heat behind the boards damn near every time you hear something from them, but haven’t made it to that special place in the game “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (with a few exceptions). By the way….this list may include Hip-hop, R & B, and – shit….maybe even a little Country. Read this list with an open mind. Walk with me…

*pulls out notepad*


Fan Mail

November 6, 2007



Last week I posted about the SoCal fires, and how the response time varied (considerably) in comparison to Hurricane Katrina (if you feel up to it you can read it here). Some people agreed with me…some didn’t. This was exactly what I had expected.

Yesterday I finally got around to cleaning up my spam comments and I came across one in particular that I took offense to. It read:


Jay-Z’s American Gangster: The Making of “Success”

November 5, 2007


(Nas, Ty-Ty, Young Guru, and NO ID are @ Roc The Mic Studios recording the track “Success” for the upcoming “American Gangster” album)

Guru: “I’m telling ya’ll…bitch had a nice body…she was wearin’ that dress too…”

Ty-Ty (passes Guru blunt, exhales): “And you sayin’ this was on what site?”

Guru: “, nigga. Them niggas on there been jockin’ her ever since then…”


Labor of Love

October 2, 2007


*opens dungeon door*

Man I’ve been workin’.



September 14, 2007


“Let’s go crazy…”

It’s friday. I’m going to ramble a bit…


Blogger Blockin’

August 29, 2007



Remember that whole “I’m gonna post more” thing? Yeah…I lied. Sue me…I’ll be happy to hand over my collection of Lawrence Welk CDs and Sam Bowie’s Rookie Basketball card. I’m stanky rich. Anyway…on to today’s post…


*Blank Stare*

August 23, 2007


“Career crook/Get ya career took/I’m back like a brassiere hook…” – Lil’ Wayne

It’s been a pretty busy week for ya boy. You already know. Grindin’. Anyway…


Blogging Service Announcement

August 20, 2007


Long weekend. I’m taking a few more days off to regroup.

Like you cared anyway.

“CRS” (Lupe, Pharrell, Kanye) skit coming soon…

Operation Save “Curtis” Pt. 2: The Negotiation

August 13, 2007