Phuque’s “Most Underratedist Producers” List, Pt. 1

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Since I’m usually making beats and shit like that when I’m not blogging, I figured I’d share my musical opinion with ya’ll….

When I say “Most Underratedist”, I mean the cats that bring heat behind the boards damn near every time you hear something from them, but haven’t made it to that special place in the game “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (with a few exceptions). By the way….this list may include Hip-hop, R & B, and – shit….maybe even a little Country. Read this list with an open mind. Walk with me…

*pulls out notepad*

Denaun Porter aka Kon Artis:

This guy is usually credited as “Mr. Porter” on songs like Curtsy Boo Boo’s “P.I.M.P.”, Obie Trice’s “Spread Yo Shit” (still in my personal rotation), and Xzibit’s “Multiply”. IMO, the best producers in the game can usually fool you to the point where you’re constantly saying “I didn’t know he did that shit!” (aka versatility), and Denaun is a perfect example of that.

View Entire Discography


This ninja is a West coast beast. For real. You can usually tell when Battlecat’s been on the boards because of his heavy use of synths and light keys. He was the man responsible for songs like Kurupt’s “We Can Freak It”, and most recently DPG’s “Cali Iz Active” (certified banger). As you can tell he mostly rolls w/ Snoop…his only setback is his limited West coast sound, which has probably prevented him from branching out and working w/ any others artists outside of the Golden State.

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Andre 3000:

Yeah….I know. You know him. Bet you didn’t know he was responsible for a lot of the music that him and Antwan lay those 16s down on (and of course “The Love Below”). He’s also produced for Gwen Stefani (“Bubble Pop Electric”). I’m pretty sure he produces the majority of the songs on his “Class of 3000” cartoon show as well (I couldn’t find a production discography for him, but feel free to do your own research). Either way, dude is pretty talented.

Organized Noize:

Speaking of OutKast, you can’t forget Rico Wade & company. These guys are responsible for “So Fresh So Clean”, Ludacris’ “Saturday”, and (most notably IMO) TLC’s “Waterfalls”….not to mention the entire “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” album. As far as production goes….these cats are ATL legends.

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DJ Clue:

Don’t look @ me like that.

Yeah his production style may be a little dated, but Clue was responsible for a lot of dope remixes (and a few of his own joints, too). He’s blessed us with such gems as “U Remind Me (Remix)” w/ Blu Cantrell and Meth Man, and “Thank God I Found You/Make It Last Forever (Remix)” w/ Ms. Mariah feat. Joe and Nas. You know there has to be one “WTF?” in everybody’s list. This is mine.

Hey…I like his production style.

no homo.

View The Very Little Discography That This Ninja Has


This man (and the Meth/Red song by the same name) is probably the #1 reason I started producing back in ’99.

Flashback right fast: “Microphone checka/swingin’ sword lecktcha/closin’ down the seckta/Supreme neck proteckta…”

Yessir. Da Rockwilder. He’s produced for countless MCs (Dr. Dre, Curtis, and Camel the G.O.A.T., to name a few) as well as R & B acts like B and the Backup Bitches. His beats are usually pretty complex, and he’s pretty versatile on the boards (from samples to synths…real quick like). You’ve most likely heard one of his joints and not even known….he’s that thorough. He’s currently slangin’ beats for mad cheap on the e-block giving unsigned artists a chance to use his work on their albums & demos. Check him out @ (Reymundo…holla @ him).

Roc’s Wiki page

This is my condensed list, and it’s in no particular order. If I left someone out (and I’m sure I have) that you think should be included in the next “Underratedist” installment, shoot an email to phuquedaworld at gmail dot com, or just throw their name in the comments. Feel free to discuss.

*ninja vanish*


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8 Responses to “Phuque’s “Most Underratedist Producers” List, Pt. 1”

  1. Big Homie Says:

    Good post homie. Before I clicked on here, I knew Battlecat was going to be up in here. Def an ill producer that needs to be recognize. I also agree with Clue as well. Rockwilder is a beast in production. I still dont know why he has not got the props that he deserves.

    You should of added yourself and post some of your beats too.

  2. Phuque Says:

    >>You should of added yourself and post some of your beats too.


    LOL….thanks BH….but I like to let others decide…I might post some beats in the future…

  3. Thomas Hewitt Says:

    … Oddissee … Ayatollah … Kev Brown …

  4. Thomas Hewitt Says:

    … M-Phazes … Doug infinite … DJ Khalil …

  5. Phuque Says:

    lmao…I knew you’d do this land…

    *gets Google on (nh)*

  6. JANGZ Says:

    man u gotta roll with soopafly if your on the west and i dont agree wit Clue

  7. reythehussein Says:

    lol–Thanks Phuque.

  8. porn Says:

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    up the nice work fellows.

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