Left Field

Mornin’ ninjas…

A few miscellaneous items that might fancy your interest:

“I Am Legend” Trailer (shown above):

It’s about time for a big-budget movie starring an actor worth watching that’s not based on a comic book or a cartoon from the ’80s. “I Am Legend” is a Sci-Fi thriller that apparently takes place a few years into the future. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stars as “Robert Neville”, a brilliant scientist who is the only human who (due to his immunity) does not fall victim to the terrible virus that he (ironically) helped create.

This looks very promising…I honestly can’t wait (this one’s a no bootleg, folks). The only thing I’m a little concerned about is paying 20 bucks to have one man and his dog hold my attention for at least an half the movie….no homo. Apparently there was some big $5 million scene filmed @ the Brooklyn Bridge (biggest ever for New York), so if the studio is spending that kind of bread – they must smell a hit. If you’re like me (and a couple of my Nahgger friends), you’ll probably wanna read the book that the movie borrows it’s title from before it hits theaters on December 14th. For more info, click here (possible spoilers – you’ve been warned).


Duane “Dog” Chapman on “Larry King Live”:

Duane Chapman, or Dog the Bounty Hunter, is the last person I think I’d ever expect to throw around the “N” word (view the Larry King episode here). I honestly don’t know what to make of the situation because he, of all people, knows right from wrong. Its his job to know. Granted there could be more to the situation (between him, his son, his son’s mother, and the girlfriend) than we know about – especially if the girlfriend is your stereotypical neck-snappin’ “Shaniqua” (don’t front like you don’t wanna smack those heffas you see stuffing those department store clothes in their kids’ diaper bag…Ol’ booster lookin’ ass bitches) then I could totally understand why Dog would be so angry @ his son for dating her. BUT – thats no excuse.

When it comes down to it, Dog spent a lot of time in the pen…again, no excuse. All I’m saying is that he’s no saint, and that people are human and they lose their temper @ times. You don’t see him walking around in a white hood burnin’ crosses & shit…give the man a second chance. This is, after all, far less worse than the Michael Richards incident, and the Don Imus incident. I’d expect a man like Dog (a somewhat reformed ex-felon) to use that language before those other guys. Again, by no means is it okay to do what he did.

And let’s face it Dog: ain’t nobody buying what you said about you being “cool” enough to use that word. There’s too much “ER” in your speech for that, homie. Take the “L” and K.I.M. bruh.

Oil Prices are Deet Dee Dee:

Some areas of California are now up to $5 bucks a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline, and crude oil is up to $98 a barrel (its probably going higher as I type this). Craziness. Pure. Craziness. Fuck the music industry….ya’ll know where the real TIs reside. Since we here in the Northwest can usually forecast our gas pricing by looking @ Cali’s, our pockets will be feeling the hit pretty soon. Another reason for all ya’ll bastids Republicans to smack yourselves for voting for you-know-who.

Seriously. My wallet is crying right now (no man-purse).

*invests in every company that makes electric whips*

Yeah so that about does it. There are definitely more skits on the way…and I know ya’ll aren’t used to me updating this much, so do yourselves a favor and subscribe to my RSS Feed…then you’ll never have to come here again.


I’m kidding.


For real.


Don’t leave.






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5 Responses to “Left Field”

  1. reythehussein Says:


  2. reythehussein Says:

    Good post, Phuque. and From what I heard, Dog sounded genuintely embarrassed.. not excusing it, but there wasn’t a venom there, or an aire of bullshit.

    Fuck gas prices. If I had the scrilla I’d have BEEN had that hybrid. Fuck people laughing at the car–paying $50 a week for gas isn’t fucking cool.

    CAN’T WAIT for “I Am Legend”. Dude is a genuine role model and all around good guy (none, obvi), and he makes good movies. I don’t think I’ve missed a Will Smith movie since “Independence Day”. Anyway, This is gonna be a good flick, and honestly? If anybody can hold attention for 30m-45m, it’d be him or T dot Hanks (“Castaway”).


  3. Phuque Says:

    >>>and honestly? If anybody can hold attention for 30m-45m, it’d be him or T dot Hanks (”Castaway”).


    Hence the eight-figure paycheck he’s gonna receive…co-sign…

  4. The XFacta Says:

    Let’s hope I Am Legend, isn’t IRobot 2K7

  5. Phuque Says:

    The XFacta Says:
    November 9th, 2007 at 7:32 am edit

    Let’s hope I Am Legend, isn’t IRobot 2K7


    There was nothing wrong w/ I Robot….lol….

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