“Let’s go crazy…”

It’s friday. I’m going to ramble a bit…

While most of the world will be enjoying a night on the town, my head [||] will be buried in research material for my screenplay. I might throw a couple hours in my schedule for a good movie or something, but other than that, I’m grindin’ all weekend. So enjoy your Mojito, and smash that drunk chickenhead for me, because there’s a lot of money out there…..somebody’s gotta make it.

Some interesting things you may wanna check out:

– Over at Say Werd, the homie BKScribe has a pre-GRODT interview he conducted with Curtis Jackson

– If you were into 90’s High School comedies like me, then peep Reymundo Segundo Telemundo’s latest post

– A woman who shot her husband says that her sentencing wasn’t long enough

– Surprisingly, more cheating in sports

– Greg Oden is officially a Portland Trailblazer

– New Batman movie pic and teaser trailer

Enjoy your weekend.


4 Responses to “Randomness”

  1. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    phuque you jsut got yourself a new reader.

  2. Phuque Says:


    I’d like to thank God, and the Academy…

  3. Rey Says:

    Good shit, Phuque. Thanks for the shout out.

    lol @ “offcially a Portland Trailblazer”.. But wait, doesn’t he have to be arrested for that? 😉

  4. Phuque Says:


    I’m counting on it.

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