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You Need More People

September 20, 2007


“…It ain’t to play games wit’ you/it’s to aim at you…”

I was all for it.

At first.



The Porn Supremacy

September 17, 2007

Happy Monday.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s watched it. People try to play it off as if they’ve never seen it before (even though DVD sales prove otherwise).

Yes people….I’m talking about:



September 14, 2007


“Let’s go crazy…”

It’s friday. I’m going to ramble a bit…


Operation “Save Curtis”: The Meltdown

September 11, 2007


I tried to have this done earlier this morning, but as you’ll find out, this one actually required some brain power on my part. Lemme tell you – after the first “Curtis” skit, people started requesting more, and more, and more. They were honestly getting harder to top. It’s been fun, but unfortunately this is probably the last installment of the “Curtis” series – unless more material presents itself. I spent a little bit more time on this one – please let me know if it’s better, or worse, than the others.

And now….without further ado:





September 10, 2007


I’m back. Jaded from vacation. Felt like I was off for a fuckin’ month. Upland, California is a nice city to visit if you’re planning on retiring soon.