Blogger Blockin’



Remember that whole “I’m gonna post more” thing? Yeah…I lied. Sue me…I’ll be happy to hand over my collection of Lawrence Welk CDs and Sam Bowie’s Rookie Basketball card. I’m stanky rich. Anyway…on to today’s post…

Made you look.

Actually I’ve got nothing. The little man in my head (none) has not been coming through for me the past few days.

I’m on vacay next week, and in my mind I’m already there….needless to say that the posts will slow up for a while….again.

Holla @ ya’ll in a little while with the next “Curtis” scene (my best yet) and some more Phuqueisms (c) greenie.

I’m goin’ somewhere nice, where there ain’t no mosquitoes (c) Camel the GOAT


18 Responses to “Blogger Blockin’”

  1. reythehussein Says:





    U Mad?

  2. candyraindrops Says:

    LMAO….enjoy the vacay

  3. Bare Arms Says:

    …and by default I win…

  4. Phuque Says:

    # Bare Arms Says:
    August 31st, 2007 at 3:53 am edit

    …and by default I win…



    *looks around*

    Go pick up your toaster in the will call area…

  5. G81 divided by 9 minus 2 Says:

    smh @ Phuque’s brain being vacation already. Where you going next week anyway?

  6. Phuque Says:

    @ G7 – To the beach this weekend, and to some other random places involving the beauty of nature.

  7. Phuque Says:

    (no homo if nature is a guy)

    (and not that Nature)

  8. Says:

    Jay-Z aint the goat you fucking monkey…(yes down south honkey racist tone)

  9. green eyes Says:

    happy birthday

  10. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Yeah Happy Birthday Phuque. And enjoy your holiday ya bastid.

  11. Says:

    Happy B-Day….I owe you some Birthday Punches…

  12. Phuque Says:

    @ greenie & EngRep – thanks…what did ya’ll get me? 🙂

    @ Hootie – thanks for the offer but I’m cool on the “ferret paw massage”…lol…

  13. candyraindrops Says:

    lmao@ ferret paw massage!

  14. Belize Says:

    You need to go to Belize, phuque any other vacation spots

    werd to the pumpum, ganja and coco loco drinks

  15. The-XFacta Says:

    “I’m on vacay next week, and in my mind I’m already there….needless to say that the posts will slow up for a while….again.”

    This should make Hoots very ahppy!

  16. newjerseydrive Says:

    where you at this ninja 2 x’s getting ethered on repeat homie

  17. Fuxy Gillespie Says:

    whats good Brotha, just swung by, no homo intended.

  18. Says:

    this shit sux…

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