*Blank Stare*


“Career crook/Get ya career took/I’m back like a brassiere hook…” – Lil’ Wayne

It’s been a pretty busy week for ya boy. You already know. Grindin’. Anyway…

Yesterday I was having a little conversation with Ms. green eyes over @ Southern Comfort about this wonderful blogging game. One particular thing we both agree on is that we want to avoid becoming the cliché “complaining blogger” that our faithful, ferret-like readers become tired of. Based on this conversation, I’ve decided to get a couple of things off my e-chest – and I promise, I’ll never complain again.**

Phuque on “We Got To Do Better” (aka “Hot Ghetto Mess”):

Have you ever been so shocked at something that was intended to be funny that you couldn’t even laugh, even though you wanted to? This happened to me last night. Ladies and gentlemen – coonery is real. It exists in our homes, streets, and on our television. Charlie Murphy should wear a kufi so I can slap that shit right-the-hell off. I have never seen a show reach for a laugh so much in my life. As far as footage goes, on the street “interviews”, clips from the “Bum Fights” DVD series, and…well that’s pretty much it.

In fact:

Charlie Murphy

Charile Muhphy

Charlie Muprhy


Now if you happen to get really bored in between mocking black stupid black people (since smart black people don’t exist on BET) and you happen to Google yourself (I’m willing to bet that he misspells his own name, hence the errors above), hopefully you’ll come across this site, read this, and immediately kill yourself.

Ok….maybe not kill yourself. But Chaalie – you got to do better.

Phuque on Kanye vs. Curtis:

If you’ve ever read any of my little “Operation: Save “Curtis”” scenes then you pretty much have my opinion on the whole thing. I know the whole “good vs. evil” thing is all in fun, but lets all put the pom-poms down and take this into consideration:

KanYe West: Rocafella/Def Jam/Universal Records

50 Cent: Shady/Aftermath/Interscope/Universal Records

Now I don’t know about ya’ll, but my God tells me that there’s treachery afoot (c) Stewie Gilligan Griffin. KanYe outsells Curtis, Universal gets stanky rich. Curtis outsells KanYe, Universal gets stanky rich. Tall Israelis is runnin’ this rap shit.

We all lose.

Phuque on the Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List:

My thoughts.

With all of that being said, more Hip-hop scenes are coming when I have the time, and I’m gonna try to post more often seeing as how people actually like what I write (yes….I am shocked as well). Oh yeah:
Kenny Chesney

“Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates”


U Mad?

**About these particular things. Why you readin’ the fuckin’ disclaimer anyway?


13 Responses to “*Blank Stare*”

  1. bkscribe Says:

    Good Post.. The force is strong with this one..

  2. reythehussein Says:

    lol.. Go get ’em, Phuque.

    …still waitin’ on mo’ skits tho’…

  3. green eyes Says:

    i like this post. phuqueisms.

  4. Big Homie Says:

    Curtis…Kanye…who cares who sells more..both albums will be purchased and I like em both musically…thats all that matters. Good post homie. Universal wins!!!

    Charlie Murphy should wear a kufi so I can slap that shit right-the-hell off.

    ^*dies* Classic line. I have to start verbally using that shit to some people I know. I might have to carry one on me for them to put on only for me slap it off. That show though is the worst. I could only watch 5 minutes of it and I had to change it. smh

  5. hoodtalk.org Says:

    shits is wack…close this shit down

  6. The-XFacta Says:


  7. reythehussein Says:

    Phuque sometimes dons Cowboy hats and does the “Achy Breaky Heart” in front of the full length mirror he has on the inside of his closet.

    (Inside the closet? Feather boas. Dozens of them.)

  8. Bare Arms Says:

    fock u staring @…no homo ninja, shit. Lol.

  9. The-XFacta Says:

    Yo Phuque, what’s with all this? I don’t get a damn thing against you bro, let’s keep it moving!!!

  10. The-XFacta Says:

    You don’t see me doing that ignorant Hootie shit

  11. landLORD aka Rasheed Wallets Says:

    *blanker stare*

  12. Dr.Fuxie Teacher of Etherology Says:

    that show is horrific, Yo I am sort of locked out of Nah but I can lurk ……check my new post over at hip-hop remix

  13. susan Says:

    Imma fuck u up for 4 saying all dat shit about black people. Yall can just kiss my fuckin ass.

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