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Blogger Blockin’

August 29, 2007



Remember that whole “I’m gonna post more” thing? Yeah…I lied. Sue me…I’ll be happy to hand over my collection of Lawrence Welk CDs and Sam Bowie’s Rookie Basketball card. I’m stanky rich. Anyway…on to today’s post…



*Blank Stare*

August 23, 2007


“Career crook/Get ya career took/I’m back like a brassiere hook…” – Lil’ Wayne

It’s been a pretty busy week for ya boy. You already know. Grindin’. Anyway…


Blogging Service Announcement

August 20, 2007


Long weekend. I’m taking a few more days off to regroup.

Like you cared anyway.

“CRS” (Lupe, Pharrell, Kanye) skit coming soon…

Operation Save “Curtis” Pt. 2: The Negotiation

August 13, 2007



Phuque’s Top 3 Jiggy Era Videos: #1

August 9, 2007

And the winner is: (more…)

Phuque’s Top 3 Jiggy Era Videos: #2

August 8, 2007

I’m a little busy today, so I’ll just get right to it:


Phuque’s Top 3 Jiggy Era Videos: #3

August 7, 2007

There is one era in Hip-hop videos (1998-2000ish) that was on one hand visually appealing, and on the other hand kind of embarrassing to the culture. When it comes down to it, these videos served their purpose: they were fun. Hop in the Delorian and take a ride with me….

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and ferrets….Phuque’s #3 pick for Best Jiggy Era video:


Operation: Save “Curtis”

August 2, 2007


From his 12873210893 sq ft. mansion in Connecticut, Curtis is on conference call w/ heads at Interscope…

Curtis (while sipping on a Vitamin Water & smiling): “..but like I was saying though, we can just play it off like I meant to fuck my first verse up right?”

John, Steve, Bob (simultaneously): “Of course Mr. Jackson sir!”

Curtis: “Word. Ha-Ha-Ha. Ha-Ha. Ha. So pre-orders is down, and not one of my seven singles cracked the top ten. Steve, any ideas?”