Less than meets the eye…

As July 3rd approaches, I was wondering whether or not I should ruin my childhood memories by going to see the new live action Transformers movie. While watching my newly copped Best of He-Man DVD the other day, I realized that I was still shittin’ in pampers the year Transformers the cartoon debuted, and the only thing I remembered from the show was the gattdamn theme music (I was a gifted toddler – ask about me).

Anyway, the trailer makes the movie look surprisingly average, besides all of the big budget special effects of course. Shia LaBeouf is a fairly decent actor (as seen on Project Greenlight), Megan Fox is a small piece of iCandy ((c) iFux), and Tyrese’s acting will be complete wackery as usual. My prediction is that, like every other below average cartoon/comic book remake, Transformers’ first 2 weeks at the box office will bring in 40 gajillion dollars….followed by Catwoman numbers the third week. Thus, by my logic, I should wait for the DVD.

Unless of course they include the theme song in the intro.






10 Responses to “Less than meets the eye…”

  1. LL(not the rappa) Says:

    aww..Im looking forward to transformers…its gonna be good, and they blow up shit.

  2. Phuque Says:

    Watching shit blow up in a movie theatre – 25.00
    Watching shit blow up on DVD – 19.00
    Watching shit blow up on bootleg VHS – priceless (and fuzzy)

  3. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    wow… just hearin the clip brings it all back
    remember when Jazzy Jeff would Transform on the turntables?

    *looks to the sky as if I can see the 80s*

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    My slanty eyed Chinese mate Jeff can hook you up with a decent pirate dvd version of the Transformers movie. I copped that, Oceans 13, Shrek 3, Vacancy and Hostel Part 2. Watchin Transformers tonight.

    Little known fact : EnglandRepresent could kick Voltron’s ass. True story.

  5. Big Homie Says:

    Great post, which is why although I will probably check it out, I am not too amped on the movie. Do not get me wrong Transformer being one of, if not the one, of my favorite cartoons, but afraid watchin this will ruin it all. But than I got the thinking, I will always love the cartoon and the theme music is extremely sick.

    The movie will never be iller than the cartoon..evar..we know that. But just curious to see what it will be like. Either it is worst from what we saw or lil bit better than we though. We shall see.

  6. 911 Says:

    phuque u…u hatin nigga…trans muthafcukin formers…

    Its apparent your a fan of the decepticons…I’ve never been witness to mystical homo behavior, but I’m sure this is it. lol.

    & lastly is a paragraph missing or something…smh @ training wheels for bloggers…you doing good though bro…as I’ve told many a bloggers stay original.

  7. Phuque Says:

    I’ve never been witness to mystical homo behavior


  8. LL(not the rappa) Says:

    Watching shit blow up in a movie theatre – 25.00
    Watching shit blow up on DVD – 19.00
    Watching shit blow up on bootleg VHS – priceless (and fuzzy)


  9. Rey aka PWYH's John McClain Says:

    You hatin’ ass bastid.

    *smacks Phuque’s e-kufi back to cybertron*

  10. Transformers info and links Says:

    Killer Transformers

    Transformers info

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