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The Curtis BET Performance: How It Really Went Down

June 30, 2007

(Curtis sits high atop a narrow platform @ the 2007 BET Awards, waiting to perform his smash hit “Amusement Park”)

Stage Assistant (to Curtis’ earpiece): “1 minute to curtain Mr. Fifty si-”

Curtis (interrupting him): “Shut up. I’ve been patiently waiting for a track to explode on nigga, Vitamin Water. Where that nigga Yayo at?” (more…)


Make yourself at home…

June 29, 2007


When it comes to the Portland Trailblazers, I try not to get my hopes up anymore. After that whole Sam Bowie/Michael Jordan incident back in ’84, it seems as though the Blazers have been cursed with only being able to draft or trade for drug users (Stoudamire and Rasheed…smh), drug smugglers (Stoudemire again), THUG KILLA NIGGAs (Sebastian Telfair), and worst of all – white cats with no jumpers (besides Danny Ainge). Granted Clyde “The Glide” did lead us to a few good playoff runs back in the day, showing the world that most we could actually make a couple of Finals appearances. But like Ricky Bobby says: “If yer not first, yer last.”


Less than meets the eye…

June 28, 2007

As July 3rd approaches, I was wondering whether or not I should ruin my childhood memories by going to see the new live action Transformers movie. While watching my newly copped Best of He-Man DVD the other day, I realized that I was still shittin’ in pampers the year Transformers the cartoon debuted, and the only thing I remembered from the show was the gattdamn theme music (I was a gifted toddler – ask about me).


Lonnie Lynn: Chi-Town Hero or Mystical Homo?

June 28, 2007




While Common has put in more work than the average emcee can shake a stick at, you have to wonder what goes through that head of his (nh) prior to each album release. Take this album cover for instance (swacked from NahRight) – a clear sign that Lonnie is once again on the verge of losing his gattdamn mind. When the first thing that comes to your mind when seeing this future weedplate cover is “Space Faggotry 7: Legend of the Mystical Homo”, then it’s clear that someone’s headed back into crochet territory (either that or he’s gettin’ some of that Badu pussy again – all natural of course).


Kick, Push, Throw Feces…

June 27, 2007


To tell you the truth I don’t even have a reason to use this pic…..someone said it looked like Lupe Fiasco and I just thought that shit was pretty funny….yeah I know…..whatever.

Anyway, while boycotting the BET Awards last night, I decided to start my own blog. So……here it is. More soon.